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  • Nasser`s behavior has significantly improved after joining ’’Behavioral Adjustment Program”. We used to struggle continuously because of his misbehavior at home as well as at school.At present, Nasser is more sociable and even making new friends.  I`m very thankful for Excellence de l’éducationStaff for their patience and support.
    Oum Nasser
  • My daughter had learning difficulties for several years, which affected hugely her academic performance at school. Her teachers said that it`s mainly related to her lack of attention, and they have tried everything to help her but there was no results. When I registered her in the program “Cognitive Development", I wasn`t really expecting such huge improvement. Thank you Excellence de l’éducation, you have exceeded my expectation.
    Oum Maryam
  • Excellence de l’éducationCenter helped me to overcome my communication difficulties, to read better and memorize faster. My coach was very encouraging and supportive all the time. Thanks to all Excellence de l’éducation team.
  • With my four children, parenting wasn’t an easy task until I enrolled in the Parenting Skills development Program. I learned how to manage my children’s behavior efficiently, and I feel more confident as parent. I’m certainly very happy with the outcome.
    Oum Saeed
  • I would be pleased to recommend Excellence de l’éducation for every person looking to unleash her potential, and striving for personal development, growth and success. Personally, I learned how to cope with difficulties and how to develop my skills to be my best. It was a great learning experience, which affected many aspects of my life.